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Affinity Marketing Clients

Affinity Marketing Clients

The majority of our clients are commercial businesses seeking marketing partnerships. However, we also work with marketing agencies wishing to extend the value that they offer their clients. 

Commercial Clients

Affinity Marketing Ltd works with commercial clients to help them build the right marketing partnerships in the right way. The result is that our clients are able to share tools, resources and marketing spend to maximise return and lower the cost of sales acquisition.

The majority of our clients market to audiences at specific life-stage milestones; marriage, new families, retirement etc. Often, the business sits within the financial industry and is looking to team-up with a non-financial partner with strong relationships with their core demographic. 

AML specialises in identifying partners who are ethical, credible and who will take great care in looking after your database. If you would like to know more, please do get in touch.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies offer their clients top class support, whilst providing them with creative and strategic input. The client becomes an extension of the marketing department.

However, the challenge for agencies to improve client margins, reduce acquisition costs and continue to add value becomes more difficult, particularly in the present economic climate.

Thus we believe client review meetings are an ideal time to bring innovation to the table. It is a great opportunity to show you can add real value to the relationship whilst working over and above the brief. Ultimately, it’s about results, growth and new routes to market.

Affinity marketing can provide this!

Affinity Marketing Ltd can work alongside marketing agencies to add that value, bringing a new dimension to new business acquisition and allow the agency to demonstrate real innovation. The agency still owns the relationship, controls all communications and leads the programme, AML just becomes their outsourced expertise working alongside them to support clients.

Affinity marketing is becoming a mainstream marketing discipline, however, it takes much experience, knowledge and acumen to deliver the right ideas, potential partnerships and working infrastructure. AML, with it’s considerable marketing knowledge and experience at very senior levels, can deliver a new distribution channel for your agency by supporting your client retention and add real value.

Affinity Marketing Ltd's founder, Peter Burnell, has been on the other side of the desk as a sales & marketing director and understands the role of marketing agencies and the importance of the agency/client relationship.

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