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Affinity Marketing Ltd (AML) is Family Service International's exclusive UK media & data broker. AML’s mission is to select and recruit the right partners for Family Service International with a view to establishing successful and long lasting commercial ventures. Family Service International entrusts AML to deliver the best quality in partnerships due to its considerable experience in bringing organisations with complementary brands together as a means to expand both parties’ business reach.

What is Family Service International?

Family Service International is the European leader in direct marketing aimed at soon-to-be and young parents via a range of solutions including maternity packs, practical guides, a TV channel in French maternity wards and mother & baby websites. Family Service International is part of the Primavista Group, the undisputed leader in Europe for the young parents target group. The new group represents a turnover of €100 million in seven countries. It covers 87% of births in France and 94% in other European countries.

It operates in the following countries: France, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, The Czech Republic with a network of European partners in 25 countries including the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Hungary

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Why you should partner with Family Service International

  • You gain direct access each year to over 6 million identified mothers across the 7 FSI countries during pregnancy and after birth through the medical network of maternities, GPs, midwives and gynecologists, as well as home delivery, delivering your message at this crucial life stage.  This gives you a unique opportunity to acquire new customers and build customer loyalty programmes.
  • You have access to precise, up to date, personalised, qualified and targeted online & offline data to carry out targeted marketing campaigns
  • Your brand gains credibility through the medical sponsorship
  • You build loyalty with young families throughout the life of the child
  • You build a qualified and dedicated consumer database of customers and prospects
  • Young parents are characterized by a high need for targeted information & a unique receptiveness to brands’ messages
  • You maximise your ROI and minimise wastage

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Family Service International Business Model

The FSI business model is flexible, adaptable to clients’ specific requirements and most importantly measurable.

It offers a unique and powerful marketing tool for clients, enabling them to deliver effective marketing strategies to their target audience.  By reaching the right audience at the right time with the right product/ message at each life stage, clients can reduce costs and wastage and maximise their ROI.  Whatever the clients’ business objective, be it acquiring new customers, building brand loyalty or gaining market share, the FSI business model provides a successful platform to achieve it.

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